Friday, January 9, 2009


There were two girls and a boy, standing around the desk, when I came and knocked the class' door. The door actually had open, so I didn't have to waiting for respons. The boy was explaining something about science to those girls, I thought. I couldn't see his face clearly, because the girls were stand covering him.

"Excuse me," I said, "I want to deliver permission letter for X who can't attend class today."

They looked at me, and I gave the letter to one of the girls, unconsciously.

I saw his face...

"X's sister, eh?"

He stared and smiled at me handsomely when he said those words. His rounded-shiny eyes, braces in his perfect smile, a gently sound from his mouth, had make me...... dizzy.

I was speechless and I forgot to catch any breath. I looked up on his desk, and I found Al-Quran there, I think he is a kind boy.........

"Er, you are his sister, aren't you?" asked him again.

His question made me conscious from my stupefy. "Eh, hm, oh y, yes!" I said haltingly, still stunned.

* * *

It's gloomy today. But remembering that condition makes me laugh for my stupidness.
Oh, yes I know hoping for him is just the same as hoping for money rain in Jakarta..

Enjoy your day!