Monday, March 9, 2009

Java Jazz Festival 2009

Hello everyone. Sorry for long time no update ehehe.

Alhamdulillah, I got 3 days pass ticket for Java Jazz Festival 2009 and ticket for ALL special show (Dianne Reeves, Laura Fygi, Jason Mraz, Brian McKnight, and Swing Out Sister) from my aunt for free ehehehe :D

These are the photo...

DAY 1, 6th March 2009
Unfortunately, my mother forgot to bring my tele lens, so I must used my wide lens, oh my God. (Have I bought SLR? I will post it soon.)
1. Dianne Reeves was good! She can 'playing' with her voice easily, and she had no false at all.

2. Matt Bianco was crazy! They have bossas, samba, and little bit house music just like Incognito. I was dancing with lot of people in Plenary Hall and that was fun!

DAY 2, 7th March 2009
I took my tele lens on that day. So I can captured easily ehehe.
1. Jason Mraz was super! First, Idol Divo as the opening act sang Indonesia Raya. And then... Jason Mraz came! He was funny and good at guitar, of course. He captured audiences from his camera. And... ALL the crew band including him were wearing batik! Yeaaah!

He was dancing

2. Chasiero was really good! Do you know Chasiero? That's an old vocal group who was famous in 1980's. They have a hits single "Bersatulah semua, seperti dahulu. Lihatlah ke muka, keinginan luhur, kan terjangkau semua..."

3. Laura Fygi..... no comment. I was sleeping when she sang. But she has a good voice.

DAY 3, 8th March 2009
1. Peabo Bryson sang beautifully! He sang romantic songs such as A Whole New World, Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You, etc.

2. Brian McKnight was really awesome! He bring out two of his handsome sons who have a nice voice too!

Brian's sons.

3. Ron King Big Band feat Gary Anthony was awesome! They played an old jazz song such as I Get a Kick Out of You, & Fly Me to the Moon.

4. Tribute to Luther Van Dross, they were good. But, actually I was sleeping on the floor.

5. Swing Out Sister, two thumbs up! I really like her songs, and her band could make a good sound effect.

Totally, Java Jazz Festival 2009, DAS IST SUPER!!
PS: Many people were wearing hat just like Jason Mraz on Java Jazz Festival.

See you soon!


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