Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jamiroquai Live in Concert, 8th of April 2009

I was very shock but happy when my aunt text me on the same day at 10 am. She got six free tickets from her friend, and she asked me if I want to join her. OF COURSE I WANT!
So, without any prepare, and without bring my SLR (because it was too complicated if I went home from school and went to my aunt's home, and blabla it would wasting time) I attended that fabulous concert!

The management's system were veeeerry disappointing me. They couldn't do fair to the audiences. But Jamiroquai was playing awesome, though he just played 1 hour 45 minutes, shorter than the opening artists.


Argi said...


Muhamad Refky Kamajaya said...

ken, kok lo kalo konser dapet tiket gratisan mulu sih curang amat

Niken said...

at Argi: :)
at Eky: gue juga bingung ky alhamdulillah yang jelass
eh tapi kan nilai lo bagus2 (ga nyambung)