Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How the first semester went with...

FTMD, Ladies of FTMD♥, and PSTK :)

(some photos are by Aqiela Raissa & M. Rafy Hadytama, thanks :D)


This semester went smoothly. Alhamdulillah -I don't know maybe miracles happened on me- my scores were not so bad, so I can have my holiday faster. At first, it was pretty weird for being one of 25 girls, out of 270. But as time goes on, I feel so great for being a part of FTMD :) Aaaaaand The 25 Ladies of FTMD, I don't know how to say this- but thanks for the laughs and gossips we have this semester! Remember, we are beautiful in our own way! Keep strong, keep beautiful♥
Theeen, another superb thing happened on the 1st semester is, I finally become the member of PSTK-ITB, just like one of my wishlist when I entered ITB :D It feels so great to know that you have ways to do something great for this country!
I wish next semester will go even smoother, and I can get myself become the student of Mechanical Engineering. Aaaaamiiiinnn :)

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