Saturday, June 29, 2013

Be careful with whatever you were wishing for.

My 4th semester's academic life was all about breaking down. The subjects on 4th semester are extremely tough, lead me to hopelessness, made me really a quitter. 

For a dozens time in college life, I felt like I don't belong there. I felt like I should had not choose mechanical engineering as my major. I was fed up with those things.

I stopped trying do my best, for the first time since I entered college. I was even started to forget doing sunnah (fasting on Monday and Thursday, Dhuha, Tahajud). Still, human being always demand. One day in the middle of desperation in learning thermodynamics, when I felt like gonna have those Ds on that and on some others, I pray. 

I was praying for completion of those subjects. I was not wishing for As. I was wishing for any grade, any predicate that will let me pass and complete the 3rd year. I was OK with C, I was OK with "enough" or "fair" predicate. Anything, as long as I could pass and don't have to read Moran Shapiro or Callister again for my entire college life. Dear God, please........

And that was it, God granted my wishes. I got Cs on those subjects. And by the way, C's the minimal, lowest grade to pass subject in ITB. And triple C were enough to lower my GPA.

Note to self. God always fulfilled our wishes, in His certain way to grant them. Therefore be grateful on everything God put you into, AND never pray for something to be just "enough", always pray for the best, even if we were very desperate of everything. 

Either no one know what will those grades be if I try harder. So I shall someday pray for the best, ask for more patience and power to pass life problems, and be more grateful.


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