Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life updates after long long hibernation

Hello. I know nobody gonna read this but it's OK, I just wanna give some brief explanation where the author of this unimportant blog had been going, for you who ask ;)

I was busy preparing myself to be tough enough to face this harmful world.

Well that's overacting.

Quick facts:

  1. I already graduated
  2. Now I am proudly stated that I participate as management trainee of the one and only private Indonesia heavy industrial turbine service company. Go go check the website!
  3. Still looking for way to work in journalism, like professionally.
  4. Now busy working on another blog:!
  5. The crafting and cooking hobbies are still going on, yet finding time are hard recently :/
  6. Am I still gonna keep this blog in this tumblr era? I guess yes. In fact, some of old posts are actually meaningful. I should do some censor, though.
  7. I am planning the further posts on this blog should be in Bahasa. 
  8. I am now more acknowledged toward my life plans ahead.
  9. Up downs, loved unloved, happy, sad, forgive, forget. I feel that I am more mature than I was two years ago. 
Anyway, some quotes that pretty describing these two years:

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