Monday, July 29, 2013

Do It Yourself #2: "Cerita Tentang Ibuku", the headscarf, in the making.

Cerita Tentang Ibuku.
Perawat, pembimbing, dan pendidik tiga anak hingga menjadi kuat dan bermanfaat bagi sekitarnya. :)

“No matter how dark the night, somehow my mother, like the sun rises once again and all shadows are chased away.” 
~ David Matthew Click

A tribute, belated birthday and Ramadhan gift for my mom.

My first handmade headscarf. Acrylic on chiffon fabric.
26 Juli 2013.


 Before coloring the fabrics, I first made outline with pencil then with black acrylic slightly. And yap really my room was a total mess in the time of making the scarf.

After being colored, I did the outline again so the picture will be more clearly seen.

The disadvantage of using acrylic in fabric painting is the fabric will get stiff and scratchy. So in the way of making the scarf more comfy to be used, I soaked it in water for 24 hours with lot of softener. I spent about 750 ml of softener only for this scarf, by the way.
Also I soaked the scarf in salted-water for about 6 hours, otherwise maybe the colors won't stay longer, my father said.

The whole process of making the scarf itself spent 4 days, three days with less-sleeptime for painting outlining stuffs and one day for softening process.

Moreover, when the fabric was still plain, I made zig-zag pattern with scissors and layered the fraying part with transparent nail polish. Fancy this special hem part rather than the ordinary hem one.

And, finally it's done! :)

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