Monday, August 19, 2013

Another works done this holiday! (1st part)

With helpful hand of friends (thanks :D) had successfully made 24 gear medals named "Gear of Honour" for the souvenir of 24 mechanical engineering graduates'. Seemed very impossible at the first time, considering we must glue those small parts (at the top of first picture, called 'balance wheel') on gear of old mechanical clock which were already discontinued and so hard to be found. But we did it anyway! 

Maybe sound not so necessary and valuable, but here are the things I learn from this project:
  • How to use metal polish named Brasso. (which smell so pungent that I got headache after polishing)
  • Know the difference between Chinese's gear product and German's. The German's gear are more detail, has smaller space between tooth.
  • Know the difference and how to use metal glue, super glue, and UHU.
  • Know another function of acetone. It might be useful for removing any superglue stain on fabrics.
  • Know that some of balance wheel I used for this project maybe were made from gold. Yes, gold. But only experts know how to recognize it, said Mr Usep, the clock-maker whose the old clock gear I bought.
  • Impossible to get the same size of gears from one clock. That's why we couldn't have made 24 same size gear medals.
Anyway, you never know which knowledge will be valuable or not, are you? ;)

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