Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Early Beginning of 2014.

January 15 to January 17. Went on study tour with mechanical engineering friends to some industries. Got enlightened about the real duties of mechanical engineers, about what we will face tomorrow and what's the goal of learning those difficult things, finally. Now I know that my major is supercool. Yeah well eventhough I can't decide yet what I'll be doing after graduation......

Too bad only seven of eight ladies that could join. Later we should have a ladies trip! No wacana.

January 31 to February 2. Had a family trip to Malang and Surabaya. Not much tourism site we visited back then, but it was OK. As long as we're together, everything would turn out nice. :)

 Just Daddy taking a family selfie.


Never too late to write down your 2014's resolution, right?
My 2014's resolution is: 
30 Recipes A Year.

Challenge myself to cook (not only bake or fry) foods I'd never make before. The most exciting part is I will also cook traditional foods with spiceeesss. Yayyyyy. Already accomplished 2 of them, I hope I'll get much time to complete the 30 of them.

AAAND suddenly I am on the 6th semester now. Time flies.

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